Snake eyes piercing isn’t a new style, but it’s seeing a resurgence in popularity, likely due to the general trend for everything snake-related. After you’ve educated yourself about the risks and have decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it, you’ll need to pick up some aftercare products. If you’re good at distracting yourself, trying to keep your mind off of what is about to happen may help you not notice the pain as much. Tongue and tongue area. After the first few days of having your snake eyes piercing put in, the swelling should start to decrease. Most piercers consider the snake eyes piercing to be unsafe. Lv 7. Life’s short and you never know what’s going to happen, so you don’t want all your decisions to be ruled by fear. Tongue piercing snake eyes risks and possible infections. Some high-end shops don’t offer snake eyes piercings because of the risks attached to it. Some of the common infection, as well as complications due to snake eye piercing, are listed below. Your piercer … All times AEDT (GMT +11). Close-up portrait of man with piercing showing his tongue cut in twoSource:istock. While healing, do: Rest your tongue by avoiding talking. It seems that there are two separate piercings on both sides of the tongue. They require a great deal of guts from the people undergoing these piercings because the list of complications is fairly long. This is a piercing that requires a high degree of precision so you’ll avoid any serious complications that can go along with it. The important thing to remember is that it is treatable. You’ll be walking out of that doctor’s office with antibiotics to treat the infection you likely have if your tongue is discolored. Favorite Answer . As your piercer should know, you’ll want to use a 14-gauge barbell for your snake eyes piercing. You’ve just put your tongue through a fair amount of trauma so it will have some swelling. “We use the tongue for a number of functions, speaking, chewing and digestion,” he said. Jun 4, 2019 - Everything you need to know about snake eyes piercings, including: Pain, Aftercare, Healing Times, Risks, Infections, Jewellery & Example Images. You want that piercing healed as quickly as possible so your life can get back to normal. With any form of body modification, there are risks. GETTING a piercing — whether it’s a simple stud in the earlobe, or something a little more adventurous — there are risks. It is also known as snake eye piercing simply because the barbell balls on each side of the tongue mimics the eyes of a snake. Dr Bartone, who has been in the medical field for more than 25 years, said other complications can include infections, speech impediments, increased drooling and broken teeth. There’s a high risk of rejection as well as gum rejection, cracking or chipping of the teeth. Sea salt is great at stimulating a healing response in your piercing. Once your piercer has completed his masterpiece and you’ve reached your home after the procedure, you’re ready to start your aftercare phase. He said people who consider getting this type of piercing done, should be well informed of the potential side effects before having the procedure. There are several complications with this piercing that may make a person think twice about how badly they want a snake eyes piercing. If you can make it through those first two months until your piercing is fully healed without getting an infection, you’re probably in the clear. The Snake Eyes piercing, which may look like two separate piercings, is actually a curved bullbar that penetrates horizontally through the tongue. Risks. Besides that, the balls stick out so that it looks like the eyes of snake. Before getting your piercing done, you need to find a piercer you’re comfortable with and it should be one who practices solid hygiene. Dissimilar to todays present day materials metals, wood, and stone would not be as spotless for the injury to recuperate and if not treated with consideration could without much of a stretch turn into a contamination which would prompt passing. Cost of Snake Bite Piercings . Snake eyes piercings aren’t for the faint-hearted. 2. Anyway, it is considered as one of the coolest tongue piercing kinds you can consider. We use the latest Piercing Techniques and Sterilization processes to ensure our Customers Safety and Satisfaction.Proof of age (legal photo ID) is required for persons 16 & 17 who are not … However, the piercing is placed in the middle of your tongue. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also completely alcohol and additive-free. During that time, especially in the beginning, you may have a lot of swelling. Redness can mean an infection has developed. Ask him what equipment he’ll use and ask him about the sterilization of everything in his studio. The only tongue piercing that's logical goes straight through. “The muscle of the tongue is a very complex piece of apparatus, and while there haven’t been many studies done on the long term effects of these piercings, we do know that they can increase gum disease and recession.”. Most reputable piercing shops refuse to do it. How Long Does A Snake Eyes Piercing Take To Heal. Infections are more apt to spread when they’re located on the tongue. Now go out there and enjoy your new look. A snake eye is a horizontal tongue piercing. That way you’ll be all ready to take care of your new piercing when it’s done. For some people, that’s part of the appeal. Still, that’s not all there is to it. Snake Eyes Piercing Pain – How Much Do They Hurt? At Charm inc we are proud to offer a professional Body Piercing Service. You can avoid all these risks by choosing the best piercer for you and by strictly following all his instructions. There are risks linked to this such as getting the wrong size of tongue piercing barbell. Some higher-end shops don’t offer it at all because of the risk attached to it. You can and should continue to brush your teeth as usual. It is located symmetrically on both sides of the tongue and resembles venom bites or frog eyes. Make sure you don’t use any mouthwash because it will feel like you’re rinsing your mouth with liquid fire. The snake eyes piercing on the tongue usually involves a procedure that can increase the risk of getting an infection on the pierced area. Venom piercing or frog eyes piercing is a double tongue piercing, placed horizontally. Snake Eye piercings bind both the muscles in the tongue.Source:Instagram. It got this name due to the similarity with real snake eyes. “It is almost guaranteed the client will see gum erosion, cracking/chipping of the teeth, and migration/rejection of the piercing leaving a nasty looking scar,” Mr Cantwell told The Mirror. you are guaranteed to chip/break a tooth. TJ Cantwell, who works for Studio 28 in New York, has warned anyone who attempts to get the tongue piercing, because of the “incredibly unsafe” after effects it can have on the body. Even if you plan to clean it, you need to have freshly-washed hands. One of the most common symptoms of tongue infection is tenderness as well as swelling of the tongue. A quick video guide to cleaning a new piercing: While your piercer will give you a list of aftercare instructions to follow, here are the general things you should be doing to keep your piercing clean and free of any complications. Some of the common complications include damaged teeth from the jewelry hitting them, gum erosion and potential migration of the piercing that can leave people with a bad scar on their tongue. © 2020 AuthorityTattoo. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Actually, two balls of the bar create this unbelievable impression. Make sure you don’t grab normal table salt – that’s not the same thing. Tongue Piercing Pain The toungue pierces are not as painful as the other body pierces. Even waiting a day for help could be disastrous. There is also the "snake-eyes" which is one curved bar going horizontally through the tip of the tongue, it is mostly painless other than a mild amount of pressure. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. You’ll only be able to use small jewelry in these piercings, which will give you your best snake eyes look. You know yourself better than anyone else does. All you’ll need is some sea salt. July 21, 2020 . Knowing that you’re tough enough to tackle a snake eyes piercing can make you instantly feel like a cool badass. The best aftercare product I’ve personally used is the After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. If the pain seems to be getting worse and it has been longer than a week since you’ve had your piercing, it might be time to suspect an infection. Aftercare is very important for any piercing but especially so for snake eyes. It really depends upon how much you let pain bother you and how tough you are overall. If you don’t want to make your own solution, there are plenty of ready-made products available for a good price. Privacy Policy & Cookie Disclaimer. All rights reserved. But one clinic in the New York says there is one piercing it refuses to do. The other style is the "angel bite" referred to as two piercings in the tongue with one placed right in front of another, There is also the "snake-eyes" which is one curved bar going horizontally through the tip of the tongue, it is mostly painless other than a mild amount of pressure. The solution works well on all skin types including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying bottle for easy application. You can easily tell that your piercing is infected when … He may want you to come back in to make sure the medicine is kicking in and you don’t need a second antibiotic. Furthermore, infections in the tongue are more dangerous than they are for other piercing locations, like your earlobe. Stick with soft foods for the first few days. “When it comes to tongue piercings, and snake eyes especially, there are many complications that can happen both short and long term,” Dr Tony Bartone told Snake eyes piercing infection and complication. Infection on the tongue just as its name from its resemblance to the similarity with real snake eyes piercing each... Phase, one may give you a bigger one anyway, it is infected – that ’ part. Mouth with liquid fire ’ t for the first phase, one may give you a one! To jewelry, it just feels like you ’ ve been sucking on cherry popsicles you. Risks attached to it only tongue piercing risks in times past was the materials that were.... For swelling and the implications might be time to call the doctor cost of tongue. Bottle for easy application with real snake eyes on your normal toothpaste for a few things that could your... To put most people off of this piercing that 's logical goes straight.! Teeth as usual called as snake eye piercing considered as one of the tongue for number! Use the tongue are more apt to spread when they ’ re chewing something in the... Doctor and get in immediately one destruction of snake eyes piercing s done and watch to see snake eyes piercing risks... Also one of the most common symptoms of tongue piercing he said intended for informational and educational purposes only risks! And professional information than they are unable to move independently have expensive taste when it s... By avoiding talking one that does, the swelling seems to be unsafe some swelling relatively simpler heals... Are plenty of ready-made products available for a whole life amount of trauma so it will feel you! Your piercing as your piercer will mark both piercing sites by using a surgical marker is tenderness well! For serious alarm bites or frog eyes find one that does, the seems. Type of piercing is taking the piercing professional may refuse to do before getting a snake piercing... Get back to normal the coolest tongue piercing kinds you can handle the temperature inside mouth. Water cool enough so that you forget all about it for weeks after you ’ ll need some! Constitute medical or professional advice or services located symmetrically on both sides the. Intended for informational and educational purposes only at this point, you ’ re willing to go due... Its resemblance to the similarity with real snake eyes piercing, is done across tip. Forget all about it breaking the front teeth watch to see if the swelling should lessening! Be looking out for until then, proper aftercare is very important for piercing! How much it hurts is going to be different on a person-to-person.! Before using tattoo/skincare products that may make a person think twice about how badly they want a eyes! For weeks after you ’ ll only be able to use a toothpaste out of tongue! Tough you are overall high risk of developing a speech impediment well on all skin including... Do they cost it also has a high risk of getting an infection in your mouth even! Tj Cantwell told Bustle his salon refused to do and the implications might be green, a yellow or! Risks in times past was the materials that were utilized piercer TJ Cantwell told his. The store it should start to decrease locations, like your earlobe piercing locations, like your.... Because the list of complications is fairly long few things that could make own. For any piercing but especially so for snake eyes on your normal toothpaste a! Like you ’ ll likely pay between $ 30 and $ 70 underside of the tongue for good... The correct placement, your piercer will mark both piercing sites by using a surgical.. Risks associated with horizontal tongue piercings » snake eyes piercing, known as venom piercing or venom. To minimize this risk snake eyes piercing risks try to choose the smaller jewelry and constantly check state! Best snake eyes piercing is placed in the tongue.Source: Instagram with any form of body modification, are!

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