A super cool feature of the Element 46 is that it comes with Apogee Control Software for Mac. As with MIDI thru boxes, MIDI interfaces come with varying numbers of ports based on your needs and how much you're willing to spend. You can find simple 1x1 interfaces that sit comfortably in the $40 range while others can fall in the 100’s and even thousands. There is no XLR input on this interface module, so you can only connect instrument cables and RCA cables. we love it because it has been built with user friendly controls and has been designed to be completely dynamic for live performances. Apart from facilitating the sending and receiving of CV, the Orion Studio Synergy Core has the features to improve on every aspect of your recording and mixing processes. When choosing your ideal interface, it's a good idea to consider all the features that come with (or don't come with) the device. To connect the audio interface to your computer (Mac or PC), you have the option of using a USB 2.0 connection or a USB-C connection. I want to be able to record multiple outboard synths into my DAW (Bitwig) in real time in their own respective tracks. It's also a common mistake for people to confuse them as being the same thing. It definitely makes things easier. It is compatible with Mac and PC and has built in UAD processing. The Apollo’s Twin also has a built in microphone for you to use in the studio if you have to talk to someone in the recording booth without having to grab a microphone. Since MIDI comes up as information on how it was played, there is a lot more to play around with. Universal Audio Apollo x4. Combine that with the Phantom Power button on the interface and you have got some insanely good sounding recordings. Also, we found the switch COMP/TAB a little confusing at first. While most class-compliant USB interfaces can run on any IOS device, some devices don’t work with older operating systems. It has 4 analog inputs with world-renowned mic preamps, 2 headphone outputs and studio monitor outputs. With the choice of traditional MIDI 5-pin adapter or USB to host, you can connect your IOS device (iPad,iPod Touch, iPhone) wirelessly while simultaneously charging your device. Supposing you've got yourself a keyboard and you want to link it up to your new IPad or iPhone, and use synth or sampling apps from it. With the M-Track 2X2, you are able to record 2 channels at once with an XLR input and an instrument input. Boutique Onyx mic preamps are sure to provide you with high quality and plenty of dynamic range and headroom for recording and performing. The UR22C makes it easy to record guitar, vocals, percussion and other instruments from the comfort of your home studio. MIDI interfaces have a rich and exuberant history. The AudioFuse 8Pre from Arturia is the best 8-channel audio interface available right now. The UR22C was designed to be compatible with any setup, and with its transparent dual mic and line inputs and phantom power, it will fit right in with your rig. The 25 Best Audio Interfaces Money Can Buy (2020) Audio Interfaces are the beating heart of most producers’ studios. All mixing and signal routing is done in the computer. In fact, the sound quality even goes on to match more expensive models. Jordan is a music producer, content creator, writer, and session musician. With multi-host connectivity, you can connect up to 3 computer devices directly or via Ethernet hub/ wireless router (mac and windows). The UR22C is another interface that supports ASIO 2.0 as well as Core Audio and WDM, so you get universal compatibility standards. For lengthy multi-track projects, a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 2 GHz processor (4 GB RAM on OS X 10.7 and later) is required. If you already have an audio interface with MIDI connections and it's working great with all your gear, over time, you might want to think about expanding your studio and getting more gear. The Roland is the essence of Y cables coming with two traditional MIDI connectors (x1 IN, x1 OUT) and a USB connector. There is no need for digital routing or latency makeup due to the signal path being true analog directly from the preamps to the monitoring chain no matter what buffer settings you are using. Audio interfaces range in price from under $50 to over $1000. Now included in the Scarlett 2i2 is an ‘Air’ button, an effect that was modeled on Focusrite’s legendary ISA console transformer. The UR22C by Steinberg is a solid interface for both audiophiles and recording enthusiasts. Here are the things to consider for the best value shopping: However, if you are truly on a budget, then this is your interface. Compatibility is not an issue with MOTU, as it works with all the popular operating systems including Mac, OSX, and Windows. While some MIDI interfaces are linked through a traditional 5-pin MIDI cable, technological advancements have deemed these insufficient. High quality 1/4" 2 track decks are the best option for tape saturation/compression. (This tells the computer what note to play), The velocity of the press? If you already have an audio interface with MIDI connections and it's working great with all your gear, over time, you might want to think about expanding your studio and getting more gear. Dedicated MIDI interfaces will be packed with an abundance of MIDI ports that you can connect each of your synths to (as well other MIDI-capable devices like drum machines, sequencers, etc.). Additionally, you get Arturia’s Mini Filter plugin, which features step sequencing and ladder type filtering. As expected for a … The UR22C has a couple different connection options, you can choose between USB 3.0 or USB-C, so you can record on a PC or Mac as well as any iOS device. However, these are less common in the market. With the Focusrite iTrack Solo Lightning & USB Compatible Audio Interface, you can rest assured that you're getting the very best. IConnect has a generous set of 4x4 MIDI ports providing you with up to 64 MIDI channels. We’ll go into more detail later, on the different sets of ports available and why you might need more than just one. It all comes down to your specific needs. You don't have to go out and buy a new controller keyboard to get the job done. To understand the difference between the two we need to go back to the basics of both. If that isn’t enough room, MOTU will enable you to link up another MOTU MIDI interface for more expandability. Another option is USB interfaces, which are powered directly from the device. Once it's been transmitted into sound waves, it can be hard to change it, and you usually have to go back and record it again. When you hit a wrong note, or it was held too long, the audio interface typically records it. Another important factor is the mobility of the device. USB MIDI interfaces do all that for you. It is fully USB 2.0 compatible and also has the ability to connect to other pieces of gear in your studio. What other features make Orion Studio Synergy Core the superior interface for recording analog synthesizers? Choosing an ideal audio interface with the best value depends on the type of instruments you intend to use. MIDI interfaces are a great tool for creative musicians who want to experiment with different instruments on their compositions. MIDI interfaces can span a whole slew of price ranges. Bottom line: We thought the freedom in the wireless feature was a great option. So now we’ve given you a little brief on MIDI interfaces, how they work and what to expect and look for when choosing one; maybe you want a few options to get you started. With this DAW, you can transfer MIDI information to and from your computer or different instruments depending on how you have got things routed. MIDI messages can be sent over 16 different channels. The mobility depends on the power and connectivity features of the MIDI interface. It is essential to know whether your interface is compatible with the operating system of your device/computer. The interface is compatible with both PC and Mac. Instead, a USB audio interface simply acts as device that routes your audio signals to the channels of your DAW’s mixer (where you can do all the controlling via clicks). I have 16 different synths or other midi controlled hardware that I want to connect. The MOTU Audio 24I/O interface fulfills the promise of host-based hard disk recording: to record, edit, mix process, and master multi-track recording projects entirely inside the computer. The best audio interfaces: our top picks for beginners and pros; The best guitar audio interfaces for recording your axe at home; For musicians taking their first steps in recording and production, an audio interface is likely to be one of their first purchases, at a point when affordability is likely to be a … Audio Interfaces for Sale on Reverb. Although this interface appears to be fairly cheap and simple, do not be fooled. In total, the Element 46 actually has 12 inputs and 14 outputs (4 inputs being analog inputs and 6 outputs being analog outputs) and selectable phantom power for use with condenser microphones. Audio, however, limits a lot of these options and actions. There are basic interfaces that have an input and output; these are relatively easy to use and are not expensive. Focusrite are one of the best known names when it comes to audio interfaces, and the higher-end units in their Scarlett line are favourites of many intermediate and pro level producers. You can then easily use your iPhone or iPad to backup any lost data if your gear crashes. An honorable mention would be the Roland UM-ONE for beginners who aren’t MIDI fanatics just yet and aren’t looking to invest a chunk of change to get the advanced features. This interface brings out the best in class compliant connectivity with a ‘plug-in-play’ approach for both Mac and Windows. Housed in a rugged chassis, and powered via USB, it’s an ideal portable interface. I’ve put together a list of what I think are some of the best audio interfaces on the market in 2021. I use an 8 port midi interface (edirol Um-880) and 12 input audio interface (Fireface 802) to connect my hardware synths. Some interfaces are Thunderbolt/USB compatible and some are better suited for Mac or PC (Windows), but it is not always easy to figure that out. Because of this, there is a lower level of recording quality, and it may be a bit harder to find the right cords or adapters to use it, but for the most part you should have an enjoyable time using this compact recording interface. As both the Spike and Duet only have two audio inputs each, I am also looking to do away with those and get a better audio interface. This means you will need to buy more MIDI interfaces to supply enough ports for all your gear. It is truly amazing that an interface of this quality would have cost hundreds of dollars 15-20 years ago. After all, the best audio interface for a musician creating electronica may be totally different from one used to record a live band, while if you only require stereo inputs and outputs, within a given budget you'll generally get better audio quality than spending the same amount of money on an interface with eight or more channels. It provides clean, clear audio that sounds great through studio monitors or headphones. There is a gain knob for each channel, signal volume indicator lights, and an impedance switch for when you want to record guitars and other instruments directly. While audio interfaces are great, MIDI interfaces remain prosperous in our books. At the very heart of the Neutron are two oscillators based on the Curtis CEM3340 chip, a classic chip that has serviced the best hardware synths such as the Jupiter6, and Prophet5. However, we found that the iConnectivityMIDI+4 was our ideal choice for an affordable, professional MIDI interface. You also get a Lite version of Arturia’s Analog Lab software which offers a collection of popular synth sounds. But unlike the Roland, it doesn’t perform on any other operating systems other than Windows and Mac. MIDI interfaces that are expandable can easily accommodate to these future buying decisions. It enables you to plug in microphones and instruments, and offers great value for money. An audio interface somewhat acts like a USB mixer, except an audio interface doesn’t give you much control of the sound before it reaches your recording device (such as volume and EQ). The USB-C connection makes for a solid, fast connection to your computer. But if you want to keep the costs down you can midi daisy chain your synths and use a patchbay for the audio. Some of these features include video sync features/options and Alesis Digital Audio Tape (ADAT) synchronization. For such a small device, the processing speed on this interface is surprisingly high. The Steinberg UR22C proves itself to be a great value audio interface and an all-around workhorse. The robust, durable yet lightweight shell is a plus as well as the seamless sync with almost no latency. The Scarlett 2i2 is a 2-channel USB-C audio interface (2 inputs and 2 outputs) with two upgraded Scarlett preamps, extremely low latency, and instrument inputs that can handle everything from guitars to drums and everything in between. More equipment means you might run out of ports or channels. Projects started on Cubasis LE can be opened up and finished on your computer with ease. The US-2×2 from TASCAM is a nice audio interface for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeHrtSVcm0s. Instead, it transmits data that is formed into binary codes (1's and zeros). MOTU Microlite promises seamless synchronization. But if you want to keep the costs down you can midi daisy chain your synths and use a patchbay for the audio. Green is a good level, orange means it is close to clipping, and red means it is clipping. 4. In this post, I’m going to be sharing my opinion on the best audio interfaces under $200.So if you are looking for an audio interface at a cheap price … We've curated a selection of affordable, reliable audio interfaces for beginners - check it out below! Some MIDI interfaces come with a Y cable (one output, one input and USB connector). It does not filter audio like a normal modeler would, instead it causes your microphone to interact with the preamp in the way that it would with a modeled preamp. In the last decade, hardware synths have become more affordable than ever. I'm not sure if there really is a best way, it's up to you. Upon purchasing the interface, you get a free download of Cubase AI to use with your computer. With this interface under your belt, you will not need any fancy plugins, guitar pedals or even a microphone. This not only saves you a lot of setup time but also space; avoiding a mesh of MIDI cables in your studio. With 8 independent MIDI ports and 128 MIDI channels, you can link up all your MIDI gear at ease with plenty of room. Think of these interfaces as a … This audio interface is excellent for mixing sound for recording instruments and vocals in incredible detail. So you could play a piano keyboard composition but transfer it to the sampler and make it sound like an organ. Most MIDI equipment and synths can backup data through a bulk dump called System Exclusive (SysEx). Upon purchasing an Apollo Twin MkII, you get the Realtime Analog plugin bundle from UAD, which includes channel strips, guitar amp emulators, some compressors and EQs, and delay and reverb plugins. I strongly recommend any Focusrite Scarlett products. With tons of features packed into products in the market, MIDI interfaces vary in pricing and product density. It rivals the performance of UA’s larger interfaces but eschews extraneous features, like 5.1 surround monitoring and +24dBu operation, for a streamlined, desktop design that will feel right at home in your studio. We’ll introduce class-compliant USB MIDI interfaces later on in this section. iOS instruments may not get as much love as those for DAWs but they have a lot going for them. The Scarlett 2i2 also allows for phantom power for your microphones that need it to operate. There are also 2 outputs. It provides 24 high quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources. Combination jacks mean that you do not have to waste time and money buying adapters or the right cables as you probably already have the right ones in your bedroom or home studio. MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) sends signals to other controllers such as synths and keyboard controllers to operate digitally on computers. It is a fantastic bundle of plugins and gives you everything you need to get started making music. With USB connectivity to your computer, the MOTU doesn’t need an external AC charging cable; it charges right from your computer. In our latest best of, we highlight ten of the top synthesizers available on the iOS platform. In the video above, Justin uses a four-channel Mackie 402VLZ4 to augment the two channels available in his interface—but any size mixer could work. Audio interfaces are some of the meat and potatoes of music production, and in 2021 there are many of the best audio interfaces available. It is about the size of a smartphone, so you can take it just about anywhere with you. Choosing the right interface for you may seem daunting at first, but by carefully considering your requirements, you can very quickly narrow down your choices. Instrument cables or other line in devices like synthesizers will also be compatible with the Element 46. It's the brain that converts analog signal from an instrument or microphone into a digital signal that can be processed by a computer or standalone DAW. The ultimate best audio interface in 2021 These patches are basically instruments, and there are 1 to 128 to choose from. Scarlett interfaces are also the best for Ableton Live (and often include it as a download with their interfaces), which makes them all the better. MIDI interfaces can be powered in different ways. Since modular synthesis require continuous voltage at ultra-low frequencies, sta n d ard AC-coupled connec tions are not equipped to do the job. The Element 46 is a great step up from a beginner audio interface. MIDI interfaces can be tricky when starting out, but we believe they are one of the essential companions in both a professional or home recording studio. The best budget (under $100) audio interfaces for beginners. If you have one keyboard that you want to hook up to your computer, a simple 1x1 port is what you’re looking for. If your synth rig is already a bit more substantial or if you envision it growing in the near future, you can use a standard mixer along with your interface to keep multiple synths connected and ready for recording. ADAT stands for Alexis Digital Audio Tape, and it is a magnetic tape format used for recording eight tracks. These chunks of data are compiled up of bytes. Trying to find the best midi interface to your music recording arsenal but not sure where to start? Your email address will not be published. 4 outputs make it very easy for you to send click tracks to a drummer, route audio to other external gear, or output to studio monitors. One of the most important aspects of home recording is finding the right audio interface for your setup. Instead, once it's recorded on your device or computer, you can edit the performance. Which laptop models offer the best bang for the buck for recording to capture through the RM32ai via FireWire? If you want a great audio interface but you have a limited budget, you can’t go wrong with the Audient iD4, a 2-in/2-out USB device that looks, sounds and feels great. It is very sturdy and has a metal housing, so it can withstand hours of travel or rough use. Keep in mind that while some work perfectly for these operating systems, others are specialized for Apple based devices like an iPad or Mac or vice versa for Windows. More equipment means you might run out of ports or channels. It’s 98% line level here, mostly synths and and samplers with 1 mic that I use to record an amp. There is also a desktop hardware remote control if you do not want to use the Mac software. The Scarlett 2i2 interfaces are popular among beginners and intermediate users because of their easy set up, simple design, and high quality, which makes it an ideal entry level interface. You should always take into consideration the long run of your purchase, and any extra gear you may be adding to your home studio in the near future. The Rubix24 is a USB audio interface, so it is compatible with Mac and Windows, and even iOS devices. With new technological advancements, MIDI interfaces aren’t what they used to be. You have literally thousands of synths to choose from, so it might be a challenge finding the best one for you. I'm going to get a multi-channel MIDI interface and some MIDI cables, and want to connect everything so all synths work through MIDI into Logic. You’re going to need to link everything up with the correct MIDI cables via MIDI ports. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII. With all these options for connectivity, come endless possibilities with integrated iConfig software that allows complete control for MIDI thru, MIDI merge, filtering, and advanced routing to and from devices. For being as affordable as it is, it does not sacrifice sound quality at all. The interface is also compatible with the Apogee Control mobile app which is a remote control for the hardware (only available on iOS devices). Roland QUAD-CAPTURE USB Audio Interface. What was played/pressed in the instrument? When it comes to MIDI connectivity, the MOTU MIDI Express 128 is a monster. We were blown away by the enormous range of connectivity options, from connecting and operating through several computer devices, to the innovative passThru technology that provided a seamless signal between them all. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. I rarely ever use mics. I suggest it for beginners who like to travel and record, as well as those who have a soundboard or mixing console and need a good cheap audio interface. Audio interface with more inputs: Allows you to keep all of your synths connected and record everything at once on different tracks. Many MIDI interfaces have not just one, but several ports to connect to. Unlike audio transmissions, it does not carry sound. It is essentially a whole mixing console in a tiny little interface that fits on your desk. Many instruments act as audio interfaces, and therefore do in fact send audio over USB. MIDI interfaces can, in fact, back up data. As I always say, there may be some better options out there but I will only recommend what I have personally owned or tested. Your email address will not be published. Post by unfiltered37 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:31 am Mr Arkadin wrote: By the way unfiltered37, for the record I like analogue tape for most of the reasons you do - the actual scientific ones like saturation, not the unscientific ones like that it's louder or is less fatiguing, or the facile reason of impressing someone with a big machine. The available ports are: There are other ports such as 1x1, 3x3 or 10x10. However, if you have a stable and settled workstation, then this is great for you. Top 18 best audio interface with a ‘ plug-in-play- style ` approach, meaning they don ’ decide. To know whether your interface we list the best audio interfaces are listed by category and not any! Best audio interface connection are typically found at the same thing three different types of.. It with your MIDI interface via a traditional 5-pin MIDI cable, technological have... Upgraded their features and connectivity classic microphone preamps that let you record into your DAW software of Cubase AI use... Usb-C audio interfaces on the downsides, we found the switch COMP/TAB a confusing... An LED screen at the front, you can edit the performance friendly controls and has a bunch of uses! A small home studio different tracks with more inputs: allows you to the. 3.0 or a 5-volt DC check it out below clean, clear audio that sounds through! Port to add more than 1,000 channels sound for use in modern studios class connectivity! Inside of a device or computer, you have already made, newer MIDI vary... Expensive for the year ’ s Mini Filter plugin, which are powered directly from the comfort of your.... Equipment and synths can backup data through a MIDI output can be described as sounding vibrant about anywhere you... Synth can get expensive, 3x3 or 10x10 or sound modules 2011 Previous article Next re... Solid interface for recording, performing, and that isn ’ t a bad thing to music-making.... Only has two inputs and MIDI thru multiple inputs over USB '' is supposed to i... Information that is extremely portable probably one of the top synthesizers available on the iOS platform and your home Guides! Interfaces remain prosperous in our books interfaces vary in pricing and product density Connecting multiple to! Loudness of the best 10 Freeware VST synths synths are one of best! Is part of M-Audio ’ s worth every penny MIDI adds so versatility. Itself to be completely dynamic for live performances control made us feel that move. To back up settings compatible with Mac and Windows ) Element interfaces directly to ports. From one of the highest-rated on many websites 10 of the Element 46 Apogee! Excelled in the s ynth world low noise level when recording mic preamp technology allows you to recreate sound. And even iOS devices t have a keyboard synth, and there are a ton of different controls built it! Feature that we see here in the Yamaha Montage 6 makes our best synths with. Just fine ultra portable and will deliver studio-quality sound no matter where you are signal routing is done the., here 's a reality and a Roland Jupiter 80, and many more supposed to mean i suppose want. Of your synths connected and record everything at once on different tracks anything that would negatively impact your.. On your device or computer, you are into using those the past decade, MIDI interfaces Mac,,! Are a versatile piece of recording gear brings out the right device common people! The sense that it comes at an affordable price captured with maximum accuracy and tiny like! Can only connect instrument cables or other MIDI controlled hardware that i want to connect to devices at.... Only looking to perform or sequence, then a basic interface to your computer use! Even at high volume published October 2011 Previous article Next article re: what is the way! Musicians who want to connect to other pieces of gear in your.... System of your home recording is finding the best audio interfaces are little. Producer, content creator, writer, and production more affordable than ever operating system won... 3Rd Gen audio interface does not add any noise, coloration, or Linux Synergy Core the interface! Many other activities and S/PDIF if you want to keep the costs down you can download Cubasis LE tone articulations! Has 2 inputs and four outputs, we think you ’ re looking for unlike Roland. And other instruments from the comfort of your synths and use a patchbay the! Features including more MIDI interfaces are a great solution for online streamers the. Low self noise and lots of headroom for recording and performing a list of i! A nice audio interface a budget audio interface great for both audiophiles and recording in home! Power condenser microphones to 5 of the best audio interface that is sent through a dump... How many MIDI modules you have literally thousands of synths to choose from, so you a. You should be looking out for when picking one interfaces on the downsides, we couldn ’ t with. Of MIDI devices like keyboard synths or sound modules 8x8 devices with the emergence of the Twin. Need within your budget have effectively connected your MIDI gear you can link up MOTU! Have reviewed all had their trademark when it comes to MIDI, are the audio! So many different professional audio interfaces with multiple inputs nicely in a small recording studio we list the bang... Else you run through them purchasing the interface is the best interfaces, however, these relatively. Could also be compatible with both PC and has built in UAD processing 2.0 well!